KINESIOS has been selected for a distinguished grant through Black Rock Honoraria. This has given us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a public art piece for Burning Man 2018




The surreal spectacle of this unique man-made creation rising from the smooth, pristine playa presents a study in contrast.

The future of humankind depends upon our willingness to progress technologically while finding ways to remain true to the human spirit – community, shared experiences, relationships, love. Where do we find the balance between order and chaos? Where should the lines be drawn? Will we use technology to open the mind's eye, or to close it?

Wherever these answers lie, we will find them most effectively if we all come together to generate something that is greater than the sum of the parts. That, after all, is what being human is all about.


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Our mission is to create a moving, visceral group experience that is both memorable and inspiring. Kinesios incorporates interactive and participatory elements on multiple levels. Not only is the installation interactive, but it requires the aligned effort of participants in order to operate at its fullest capacity. The idea is for the many to become the one, achieving ever-greater momentum by aligning their rhythmically swaying bodies into a single powerful force – though for those laboring within this man/machine hybrid, there will be little awareness of the beauty and power they are summoning for others to behold. Yet their shared interactive experience is the essence of Burning Man, tying directly into this year’s theme. Today, with the spread of technology distracting us from true human connection and interaction, community becomes more important than ever.

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The project consists of an imposing steel colossus formed by two vertical steel planes set parallel to each other, 12' apart. Each is 2' wide x 32' long x 40' tall. These planes support a hanging sculpture that participants use as a swinging pendulum. By climbing into the pendulum, and synchronizing their body movements,participants propel the swing higher and higher. Cooperation is the key. The space inside each plane is illuminated by lights reacting to the motion of the swing: the higher the motion, the greater the pulsation frequency of the lighting. When the swing reaches its apex, an animated projection with a cyber theme appears on the outer surface of each plane. Mounted to the tops of the swing supports, lasers aimed upward create a brilliant arc which sweeps across the sky